FOI Request - Confidentiality Agreements

Request 101000199318

1. How many employees have been asked to sign 'compromise agreements' or 'confidentiality agreements' in order to encourage them to keep quiet about matters concerning the council?

2. In each of these cases, please tell me how much money was handed over, if any, in severance pay?

3. In each case, please tell me who these employees were (i.e. what their job/role at the council was and WHY exactly they were paid of. I understand that some detail may not be available in order to protect their identities, but please give detail of the context of the agreement and their position)

4. Have any of these employees received any further action for breaking these agreements and were any taken through secret court proceedings?

5. How many members of the public (if any) were made to sign compromise agreements or confidentiality agreements, and as above, please give as much detail as to why they were made to sign them and if any money was involved.

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