FOI Request - Bad Weather Absence

Request 101000198377

1. Do you have a policy outlining to staff what efforts they are expected to make to reach their place of work during bad weather, particularly snow?

2. What is that policy?

3. If staff are unable to get to work due to bad weather, how do you allocate their absence for that day?  For example, is it listed as sickness, or do you make them take the day from their annual leave allocation?

Response 22-11-2013

1. We have a set of management guidelines.

2. You can view the management guidelines here

3. See extract below re non-attendance at work:

Non attendance at work

There is discretion for a maximum one day per calendar year to be authorised by the appropriate manager in the event that an employee is unable to attend work due to adverse weather despite making all reasonable efforts.

Where there is an ongoing spell of bad weather, employees can request in general:

  • To work from home or at another location, where relevant and feasible
  • Annual leave. In the event that an employee has exhausted their annual leave entitlement, it may be appropriate to enable them to bring forward leave from the coming year.
  • Flexi-leave/Toil – if the employee has hours worked in credit they may use this.  The normal minimum for deficit hours may be adjusted at the discretion of the manager if it would be reasonable to expect the employee to be able to work these hours back over a given period e.g. 3 months
  • Advance Flexi-leave/Toil – time off work may be granted and worked back at a later date where this can be accommodated by the service (see above re flexi-deficit)
  • Unpaid Special Leave – up to 5 days on any occasion at the discretion of the manager
  • A combination of the above

It should be noted that circumstances will apply in specific services which may make some or all of these options inappropriate.

The request will be considered by the appropriate manager with decisions based upon the needs of the service and the prevailing weather conditions.

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