FOI Request - Third Party Requests

Request 101000197706

Could I request the following information under the FOI Act:

1) Do you provide information (ie. CCTV footage) in response to third party requests made by Insurance Companies or other organisations under section 29 or section 35 of the Data Protection Act?

2) If you provide information, do you charge any fee for this service? If yes then please provide the following information.

2a) If there is a fee to release information, is this a fixed fee per request or this depend on the volume of the data  e.g, £ 10 for 10 minutes footage etc? If yes, please confirm fee.

2b)  If you charge fee to cover administration cost only then please provide breakdown of the cost?

2c) What is your legal basis to charge this fee?

Response 04-12-2013

1) The Moray Council has provided CCTV footage to the police under the Data Protection Act, on their request for the purposes of crime investigation.  We have not provided footage to any other third parties. 

2) No fee is charged to the police.

a) N/A

b) N/A

c) N/A

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