FOI Request - Registered Tenants Organisation

Request 101000197656

Please provide me with all relevant information on how a tenants group becomes a registered tenants organisation.

Response 29-11-2013

Registered tenant organisations have enhanced rights to be consulted by the landlord over important changes to the housing service.

All tenant and resident groups are entitled to register with their landlord. Groups don’t have to register, although there may be certain advantages for those that do.

Benefits of registering as an RTO include:

•A right to be consulted over proposed changes to housing services •Support from the landlord (usually an annual grant) •The opportunity of applying for grant funding from the Scottish Housing Regulator •The opportunity to get involved in regional RTO networking forums

Register of tenant organisations

All local authority housing departments and housing associations maintain a register of tenant organisations, which they consult with over housing and related services. The register is open for inspection by any member of the public and is kept at local housing offices.

Becoming a registered tenant organisation

To become registered your group must have:

•A name

•A written constitution

•A clear description of the area your group covers Your group must hold a publicly advertised inaugural general meeting (IGM), to appoint a committee and office holders (chairperson, secretary and treasurer) and to agree a constitution.

A copy of the constitution should be submitted to the landlord and be made available for public inspection. It should contain the following information:

•The name of the group

•The group’s area of operation

•Rules of membership

•A statement on how the committee will conduct its business •An explanation of procedures at meetings and how decisions will be taken •A statement of how funds will be managed and audited •The procedure for making changes to the constitution •A statement supporting equal opportunities •A statement setting out arrangements for the dissolution of the group

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