Request 101000196804

Can you please tell me how the authority provides services for each of the following works: -

1. Grounds Maintenance

2. Street Cleansing

3. Roads Term Maintenance

These will be provided by either your own in-house teams or contracted out to a third-party.

If contracted out can you please tell me the name of the contractor, the date the contract started, the expiry date and any extension periods that could be applied to the contract. A description of the services included under each contract would be appreciated.

For street cleansing can you state if public toilets and council offices are included in the contract.

Roads term maintenance includes such works as planned road maintenance, unplanned and emergency maintenance, winter maintenance and gritting, surface dressing and possibly other areas such as street lighting and bridge maintenance.

Response 21-11-2013

1. In house provision.

2. All street cleansing is done by our in house team through a combination of mechanical street sweeping (3 vehicles) and manual sweeping and litter picking.

3. Road maintenance activities are done in house.  Bridge maintenance is carried out in house in the first instance and anything outwith our resources would be tendered out to contract if necessary.

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