FOI Request - Planning

Request 101000196787

1) How many planning applications were lodged with the authority over the last 3 complete years for which there are records available?

2) How many complaints over a breach of planning control were made over the same period?

3) Of these, how many were found to be a breach of planning control?

4) How many breaches of planning control were resolved by remedial action?

5) How many prompted the serving of an Enforcement Notice (and Stop Notice where appropriate)?

6) In how many cases, where a breach of planning control was found to have taken place, was no further action taken?

Clarification Sought 11-11-2013

As all the other questions relate to enforcement.  Is the first question meant to relate to retrospective applications submitted as a result of enforcement rather than just the total number.  Can you clarify please.

Response 12-12-2013

1. 2639

2. 496

3. 266

4. From computer records held, we are unable to differentiate between cases where 'remedial action' resolved matters or whether 'no further action was taken' without checking each individual file.

5. 14

6. See Q4 response above.

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