FOI Request - Public Space CCTV Service

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I am writing to you to obtain information about your Public Space CCTV Service ("the CCTV Service"), specifically the type and age of systems currently in use, their maintenance, operational costs and your compliance to the Data Protection Act.We are currently researching into the current state and effectiveness of Public space CCTV and the value for money it affords to the general public.

To outline my query as clearly as possible, I am requesting the following information:

1.1 Who is the person or persons responsible for the operation of you CCTV Service within your Council?  

1.2 Who is the person responsible for procuring additional CCTV equipment and services within your Council?

1.3 In which year did you commence your CCTV Service?

1.4 How many staff (direct or contract) are employed by the CCTV service?

1.5 On average how many shifts do you operate for monitoring your CCTV in any 24hr period?

1.6 On average how many CCTV operators do you have on a shift and how many supervisors?

1.7 How many PTZ (pan tilt zoom) and fixed cameras does the CCTV Service currently monitor?

1.8 How many incidents (reported or detected) does the CCTV Service monitor on a monthly basis (average)?

1.9 How many incidents which the CCTV Service monitors results in arrests being made?  (Estimated %)?

1.10 In addition to Pubic funding for the CCTV Service, what additional revenue streams or income does the CCTV Service generate or receive for providing these other services ?   

1.11 Have you upgraded your CCTV recording systems from VCR to a Digital Video Recording to store CCTV footage / images on Hard Disks or raid storage devices?

1.12 Do you select cameras to monitors and control your PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras using an analogue CCTV switching matrix or have you installed a Virtual CCTV Matrix?

1.13 What is the name of the manufacturer of your analogue CCTV switching matrix or virtual CCTV matrix?

1.14 What method of transmission do you use for relaying CCTV images to you CCTV monitoring, control and recording equipment i.e. wired lines / fibre circuits, wireless or both?

1.15 How many wired / fibre circuit’s do you currently use for relaying CCTV images and control data and what is the annual spend for these wired / fibre circuits?

1.16 What is your current retention policy for retaining CCTV footage / images i.e. how many days do you retain stored / recorded CCTV footage?

1.17 Are all your CCTV cameras controlled using Open Protocol (“Pelco”) or are they operating on a Closed Protocol i.e. manufacturers own Protocol?

1.18 Do you have a fully comprehensive service and maintenance cover (i.e. 2hr response with call outs, part and routine maintenance cover included in cover/ costs) in place to maintain all your CCTV systems and cameras?  if not then please advise what level of service and maintenance cover you currently have in place ?

1.19 How do you monitor the health status of your CCTV control system, the storage systems and CCTV cameras?  Do you receive email or SMS notification of failures and or pending failures ?

1.20 What is the total budget for operating your Public Space CCTV Service?

1.21 What proportion (estimate) of your annual Public Space CCTV Service budget is used for maintaining all the equipment used within the CCTV service.

1.22 What is proportion (estimate) of your annual budget is used for the replacement of faulty or outdated equipment?

1.23 Has the cost of maintaining your CCTV service reduced, increased or remained the same in the last 3 years? If reduced or increased then please indicate in increase or reduction in % terms.

1.24 Has the cost of operating your CCTV Service reduced, increased or remained the same in the last 3 years? If reduced or increased then please indicate in increase or reduction in % terms.

1.25 Do you currently use security advisors to advise you on matters relating to your CCTV Service?

Response 07-11-2013

This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.  The information can be obtained from Police Scotland.

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