FOI Request - Use of Wheelie Bins

Request 101000195750

1. Do you require the use of wheelie bins for all or part of the household waste that you are responsible for collecting?

If the answer to the above is yes, please could you also answer the following

2. Do you supply the bins to householders free of charge (including any mandatory delivery charge), or do you require householders to pay for them (either from yourselves or from a third party supplier)?

3. If you require householders to pay for them, how much do you charge for a bin (including any mandatory delivery charge)?

4. How many different bins and/or other containers are households required to use (eg, in order to separate recyclable from non-recyclable material)?

5. If more than one, how are these colour-coded or otherwise visually differentiated?

6. What is the standard size of bin that you supply (or require householders to purchase) for non-recyclable waste?

7. What is the largest size bin that  you supply (or require householders to purchase) for non-recyclable waste?

8. If the answers to (6) and (7) are different, do you require householders to justify the use of a larger bin before agreeing either to supply a bin or collect waste from it?

9. If so, what are the criteria on which you would agree to supply (or permit the use of) a larger bin?

For clarification, all of the above questions relate solely to normal household waste from single-occupancy homes where waste is collected on a per-dwelling basis as part of your obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 45. I am not asking for information on communal waste collection, trade waste collection or non-statutory domestic waste such as garden waste.

Response 7-11-2013

1. Yes

2. Bins are supplied free of charge other than residual bins for new properties.

3. £33.60 plus vat

4. 2 x 240l wheeled bins, 2 x 140l wheeled bins and 1x40l box

5. Green 240 for residual waste, brown 240 for biowaste, blue 140 for mixed paper, purple 140 for plastic bottles and cans, orange box for glass bottles

6. 240l (140l for medical reasons)

7. 360l

8. Yes, the 240l is exchanged for a 360l bin.

9. Larger Bin: where households cannot accommodate their residual waste in 1 x 240 litre bin due to the family size (5 or more) and/or with more than one child in nappies the 240 litre wheeled bin may be exchanged for a 360 litre bin.  They must recycle fully using the kerbside recycling service and/or recycling centres and points.  Additional recycling containers can be supplied on request.  Failure to recycle fully will result in the larger bin being removed and replaced with a standard bin.  An audit of the larger bin may be carried out at any time and annual checks are made to ascertain the eligibility.

Medical conditions: where these dictate that 1 x 240 litre bin is of insufficient size, then an additional wheeled bin of sufficient capacity to hold 2 weeks waste may be made available and uplifted fortnightly on the same day as the residual bin.  Annual checks are made to ascertain the eligibility.

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