FOI Request - Implementing Public Bodies (JW)(Scot) Bill

Request 101000194495

1. Please advise which model of integration you are planning under the Public Bodes (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill
(a) Body Corporate Model
(b) Lead Agency Model

2. Which Health Board/Local Authority(ies) will you integrate with?

3. What is the scope of the planned integration? Is it limited to adult care or are other services included in the plan?

4. What discussions have been held between your Health Board/Local Authority and your counterpart on developing joint working as envisaged by the Bill?

5. What engagement has there been with stakeholders?

6. What engagement has there been with trade unions? If there has been no contact so far, how do you intend to engage with trade unions?

7. What resources have been allocated to the interim arrangements and what plans are there to delegate budgets to the new structures?

8. Are there proposals to appoint an interim Chief Officer? What interim governance and monitoring structures are proposed?

9. Will any staff transfer to another employer, either on a permanent basis or by secondment? If so, what TUPE+ provision are you proposing?

10. Has any work been undertaken on a draft Strategic Commissioning Plan and what implications might this have for services currently delivered in-house or outsourced and do you have any proposals for utilising shared services?

11. Will staff from different employers be required to work together? If so, what arrangements have been considered for managing different terms and conditions as well as procedural agreements such as discipline and grievance?

12. What provisions have been made for staff governance in the new structures including staff representation on any joint committees?

Response 21-11-2013

1. Our preferred model is the body corporate.

2. NHS Grampian and Moray Council

3. All Adult and Older People Services

4. A Transitional Leadership Board has been established and has met twice since September 2013. An Integrated Management Group and 5 sub groups have been established to progress plans at an operational. The Integrated Management Group, comprising of NHS and LA Managers, has met once and the operational sub groups are presently meeting for the first time.

5. At this early stage, engagement is limited but extensive engagement is planned through the work of the 5 sub groups, through our communication plan and finally through our consultation plan.

6. Trade Unions and workforce representatives sit on our Transitional Leadership Group.

7. A dedicated Integrated Project officer has been appointed on a 1.5 year temporary contract.

8. The early appointment of a Chief Officer is being considered as opposed to an interim appointment.

9. At this stage, there are no plans to do this.

10. Moray CHSCP has a Commissioning Plan for Older People. The specific details of future joint commissioning arrangements are subject to the work of the sub groups in Moray.

11. Many members of staff already work as part of multi-disciplinary teams and it is the expectation that this will continue. Moray CHSCP take the view that a culture of joint working is not determined be aligning terms and conditions. However, terms and conditions for the partnership will be considered under the remit of the workforce development group.

12. Involvement is sought at the Transitional Leadership and Integrated Management levels. Front line will be represented as part of the 5 sub work stream sub groups.

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