FOI Request - Cancelled Projects

Request 101000194457

The costs of all cancelled projects carried out by the council since January 2010.  Please provide yearly breakdowns as well as details of each project.

Please note I am referring to actual costs of these projects, and not the projected costs ie. how much was actually spent on a project that was eventually cancelled.

Response 18-11-2013

Elgin High Regional Sports and Arts Development, where the total abortive professional fees were £129,473 (largely Consultants) during 2010/11

2012/13 - £0.00     Cullen Harbour

                              Alter bollard arrangement @ Toilet Block

                               Project cancelled due to two external parties unable to agree on whether the work should go ahead

2013/14 - £3k         Mary Avenue Aberlour

                                Footpath - Road Safety

                                Project cancelled due to proximity of gas main

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