FOI Request - IT Hardware Maintenance And Costs

Request 101000194393

I request information breakdown relating to the Council's IT hardware maintenance and associated costs:

1. A list of the models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts; as well as the cost and duration of said contracts, with start and end dates and service level associated with the equipment.

2. Could you also supply the names of the suppliers of aforementioned support services.

3. Name of the person/s in the organisation responsible for the maintenance support contracts.

Response 27-11-2013

The Council considers that the release of information in relation to the makes and models of the various components of the ICT infrastructure would cause substantial prejudice to the effective conduct of public affairs.  This information is therefore exempt under section 30 (c) of the Freedom of Information Act 2002.  There is a very real risk that detailed information such as this regarding our ICT infrastructure could be used to compromise the security and gain unauthorised entry to the Council's information systems.

The Council is also required to consider the public interest in whether or not this information is released.  It believes there is a strong public interest in protecting the integrity of, and data held on its IT systems. It has a duty to all those whose data it holds to protect this data. There is also a strong public interest in protecting the Council's business reputation. The risks in releasing the information requested are considered to outweigh any public benefit in knowing the details of the make up the Council's IT systems.

The information requested in relation to hardware maintenance can be found here.

3. The ICT Infrastructure Manager is Mr Cooper and the ICT Applications Manager is Mr McDonald.

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