FOI Request - Elected Members Equalities Training

Request 101000191703

Could you tell me which elected members had completed their equalities training by 13 February 2013 and by 10 September 2013 please.

Response 29-10-2013

Elected Members who completed equality introductory module by 13 February 2013:

Councillors Joe Mackay, Fiona Murdoch, Aaron McLean, Graham Leadbitter, Grodon McDonald, Chris Tuke, Stewart Cree, James Allan, George Alexander, Allan Wright, Anne McKay, Douglas Ross, Ron Shepherd and Anne Skene.

Elected Members who completed equality introductory module by 10 September 2013:

Councillors Mike McConachie, Barry Jarvis and Eric McGillivray

Elected Members who attended training on Equality Impact Assessment/Objective Justification on 26 August 2013

Councillors John Cowe, George Alexander, James Allan, Stewart Cree, John Divers, Graham Leadbitter, Eric McGillivray, Aaron McLean, Fiona Murdoch, Ron Shepherd, Chris Tuke, Lorna Creswell, Anne McKay, Patsy Gowans, Margo Howe, Pearl Paul, Gary Coull, Barry Jarvis, Anne Skene, Mike McConachie and Gordon McDonald.

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