FOI Request - Council Tax Owed

Request 101000190819

With regard to council tax owed to the council at March 31, 2013, the number of cases and the amount of money outstanding being chased using the following means:

1. Reminders Final Notices

2. Arrangements

3. Liability Order

4. Attachment of benefits

5. Bailiffs

6. Court Action

7. Charging Order

8. Insolvency

9. Any other means

If possible, please provide the information broken down by ward.  If this is not possible, please provide the total number of cases and amount of money outstanding for each ward as of March 31,2013.  Please provide as a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Response 07-11-2013

The information you requested can be found here.

It is not possible to break these amounts by ward as our Council Tax database does not facilitate reporting of this data by ward.

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