FOI Request - Refuse Collectors Working in Snowy Conditions

Request 101000190535

(1) Details of all risk assessments or other written documentation in relation to risks posed to refuse collectors from working in inclement/snowy/icy conditions for the period 2003 to date.

(2) Details of all instructions, written instructions, documents or memos providing training or guidance to refuse collectors working in icy, snowy or inclement conditions for the period 2003 to date.

(3) Details of all personal protective equipment provided to refuse collectors for use in icy/snowy/inclement conditions for the period 2003 to date.

(4) Details of all assessments, investigations or reviews into assessing the suitability of providing refuse collectors with personal protective equipment such as "Yak trax" shoe attachments, crampons, cleats, shoe grips or other footwear for use in icy, snowy or inclement weather for the period 2003 to date.

(5) Details of all accidents involving refuse collectors slipping or falling in wintry ice and snow conditions for the period 1 January 2003 to date.

Response 01-11-2013

1. risk assessment for refuse collection activities reviewed in February 2013, this includes working has movement in difficult underfoot conditions as a specific consideration.

2. Manual handling training is delivered by ROSPA certified trainer, reference is made to difficulties that may be experienced in periods of icy weather and the actions to be taken.  Refresher training provided every two years.

Safe Working Handbook issued to crews advises caution on working in icy weather.

Tool Box Talk developed and in draft for awaiting delivery.

3. Standard set of PPE issued to Refuse Collectors includes:

  • Hi Viz waterproof coat
  • Hi Viz waterproof trousers
  • Hi Viz vest
  • Fleece jacket
  • Workwear trousers
  • Wellington boots
  • Safety boots
  • Safety gloves

PPE clothing is sourced in line with national and council procurement protocols.

4. See risk assessment above

Discussions with colleagues in another authority indicate their crews have tried and dismissed this type of footwear as impractical.

5. Winters pre 2009 - no incidents recorded

  • Winter 2009/10 - 2 incidents
  • Winter 2010/11 - 4 incidents
  • Winter 2011/12 - 1 incident

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