FOI Request - Disability Related Harassment

Request 101000190000

1) Could you please state what, if any, specific action(s) your authority has undertaken in each of the last 3 years (i.e. 2010-2013) in relation to the “need to eliminate disability related harassment”.

2) Please briefly outline the nature of the action(s) taken and please supply any evaluation of the action(s) effectiveness in reducing the incidence of harassment.

Response 05-11-2013

1) No specific actions have been taken in relation to the need to eliminate disability related harassment, rather the Harassment Policy as a whole is being reviewed.  This should be read in conjunction with the Council’s Equality and Diversity Policy.  Main changes are summarised as follows:-

  • Change the title of the Policy to Positive Working Relationships
  • Deleting references to Personnel and changing this to HR, changing designations of Head of HR and Chief Legal Officer to reflect new post titles
  • Amend the policy to highlight the general principles and behaviours that will help to foster a positive working environment, and set out the options available to employees if they are subject to behaviour that is detrimental to positive working relationships.
  • The overall aim of the policy is to create and maintain an environment based on positive working relationships that enable staff and managers to eliminate all forms of harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying
  • Detailing positive behaviours
  • Detailing what is expected of individual employees, Managers, HR and Trade Unions 

2) As there have been no specific occasions of disability related harassment reported or recorded, no additional actions have been necessary at this time.

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