FOI Request - Criminal Checks & Licences

Request 101000189934

Criminal Checks & Referencing

(1) Name & contact information of Lead Signatory

(2) How many countersignatories within the Council

(3) How many staff members are involved with processing criminal checks

(4) Are staff (all) subject to any additional referencing, if so what?

(5) Total volume of DBS/CRB checks completed in 2012

(6) Is the Council a Registered Body and/or Registered Umbrella Body?

(7) How often are CRB/DBS checks updated?

(8) Are applications processed on line or by paper?

(9) If online who is your supplier?

(10) If online how much administration fee is applied to each disclosure application

(11) If online please detail any additional costs incurred, eg licence fee, hosting, etc.

(12) Does the council currently host a HR software solution?

(13) The budget(s) assigned to CRB/DBS check are allocated to which department?  If more than one please provide the approximate split.


(14) Please confirm the volume of personal licences granted in 2012

(15) Please confirm the volume of taxi licences granted in 2012


(16) Who is responsible for saving money within the Council?

(17) Name & contact information of Financial Director

(18) Name & contact information of the HR Director/Manager


(19) Do the council set a percentage target to outsource services?

(20) If yes, is this currently being met?

(21) Are you under pressures to produce specific results or targets?

(22) Are there other areas or processes where capturing data electronically and pushing it between departments and customers and suppliers could improve performance and help you reach targets.

Response 04-11-2013

(1) Denise Whitworth, Head of HR&ICT

(2) 12.

(3) This is part of operational work for departmental staff, estimate 8 as part of a range of duties.

(4) References are requested as part of the recruitment and selection process.

(5) 992 in 2012-13

(6) Registered Body

(7) PVG Scheme membership is a one off for existing staff – as part of the process we are advised of any change to an employee’s criminal history

(8) Paper.

(9) Not applicable.

(10) Not applicable.

(11) Not applicable.

(12) Yes.

(13) The 2012/13 budget for Disclosure Checks is £0.046M allocated as follows:

£0.021M Health and Social Care Services 

£0.022M Educational Services      

£0.003M Environmental Services

(14) Number of personal licences granted in 2012 is 88. 

(15) 180 drivers, 39 vehicles.

(16) Everyone.

(17) Mark Palmer (Corporate Director - Corporate Serv)
Telephone: (01343) 563103 (Ext: 3103)

(18) Denise Whitworth (Head of HR & ICT)
Telephone: (01343) 563261 (Ext: 3261)

(19) No.

(20) N/A

(21) Services have targets.

(22) No.


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