FOI Request - Western Link Road/Developer Contributions

Request 101000189727

1. What amount with interest added would have to be repaid to developers should the Western Link Road or any such as required not proceed?

2. Were the contributions made by developers ring-fenced at the date of contribution or were they spent on consultancy fees?

Response 04-11-2013

1. The amount would depend on whether any scheme other than the Western Link Road can demonstrably improve the traffic conditions on, and at junctions adjacent to, the New Elgin Road Railway Bridge. A Western Link Road would satisfy that requirement. In terms of actual amounts therefore, it could be as little as zero or as much as £752,176 with interest included (at Oct 2013).

2. The only "ring fencing" applied is as described above, i.e. that the project would improve traffic conditions. Developer contributions can be used to fund consultancy fees if that is required to deliver these mitigation improvements, but they have not been used for this purpose in this case. 

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