FOI Request - Religious Observance & Moral Education

Request 101000185386

With regards to the provision of Religious Observance (RO) and Religious and Moral Education (RME), please answer the following questions:

1.      Who provides the RO and RME within the school?

2.      Are the above named people qualified teachers? If not, what are their qualifications?

3.      Does the school have a chaplaincy team?

4.      Who is on the chaplaincy team, and what faiths and churches do they represent?

5.      Who appoints the chaplaincy team?

6.      How is the chaplaincy team recruited?

7.      How would requests from non-believers to join the chaplaincy team be handled?

8.      Are Humanists or other non-faith positions represented on the chaplaincy team?

9.      What support does the chaplaincy team provide?

10.  Does the chaplaincy team as a group accept responsibility for the content of lessons and activities conducted by its individual members?

11.  Are unpaid workers used within the school to provide and support services?

12.  What steps are taken to ensure such workers if used are suitable and safe candidates for working with children?

13.  Are all external service providers, including members of the chaplaincy team, who come into contact with children PVG checked prior to commencing provision?

14.  Is the school visited, or has it been during this or the last school year, by speakers presenting Humanist or other non-faith-based positions? If so, how often?

15.  What mechanisms are in place to monitor the performance of the chaplaincy team and other external service providers, and who is responsible for overseeing these?

16.  How often is the work of the chaplaincy team and other external providers appraised, and are there mechanisms in place to remedy any perceived defects in performance?

17.  Does the school have or follow any policy regarding the role of chaplains and/or other RO providers on dealing with sectarian and religious abuse? If so, please provide a copy or link to said policy.

18.  How does the school notify parents of the statutory right to withdraw children from RO and RME?

19.  What information is provided, as per the legal requirements, to assist parents in deciding whether to exercise their right to withdraw?

20.  In the event of parents exercising the right to withdraw, what suitable meaningful alternative activities does the school provide?

21.  How does the school ensure, as per the legislation, that children are in no way disadvantaged by the right to withdraw?

22.  What is the school roll and of those how many are currently 'opted out' from RO? How many are 'opted out' from RME?

23.  Have you had visits from, does the school interact with, or do you grant facilities on the school premises to any of the following groups?
Prayer Spaces in Schools
PWAMM (People with a Mission Ministries)
Challenger Bus
AIM (Adventures in Missions)
Healing Rooms Scotland
MAD (Making a Difference) Ministries
24-7 Prayer or 24-7 Prayer Scotland
Good News Club
Child Evangelism Fellowship
If so, please give details of degree of interaction, nature and frequency of input from these groups, and curricular purpose.

23. have any materials been distributed by the school or by other groups operating on school premises or under school auspices advocating (a) creationism – the separate creation of different life-forms; (b) the view that non-believers are intrinsically immoral or incapable of moral choice; (c) the view that homosexuality is sinful.

Response 24-09-2013

Information below is submitted on behalf of all Moray schools

1. This will be provided by class teachers in primary and by qualified RMPS staff in secondary. Some chaplains may be used in certain schools, but we keep no data centrally on this.

2. Secondary teachers who teach RMPS have a qualification in the subject

3. Some schools do and some do not. There is no data held centrally on this.

4. This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 (1b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

5. Not done formally in any way at a local authority level

6. N/A

7. N/A

8. N/A

9. Where schools have Chaplaincy teams, these may be used for assemblies, for class input etc

10. N/A

11. N/A

12. All adults working in schools are required to have a PVG check carried out

13. Yes.

14. No data held centrally

15. N/A

16. N/A

17. There is currently no such policy in place

18. This is done via the school handbooks

19. All relevant information can be accessed from schools, via their handbooks and websites, or from the local authority website.

20. This will vary from school to school, but no data is held centrally in this regard.

21. It is the individual Head Teacher's responsibility to ensure that children are in no way disadvantaged by withdrawal. No data is held centrally in this regard.

22. No data held centrally

23. No data held centrally

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