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Request 101000185164

I was wondering if I could submit a freedom of information request detailing the organisation’s vehicle, leasing and maintenance contracts. Im aware that not all organisations will have this particular contract but can you please send the following information with regards to these contracts:

1. Contract Type: Maintenance, Leased, Hire

2. Who is the supplier of this contract? If there is more than one supplier please can you split all the information out below including annual spend, contract description and contract dates.

3. A small description of the contract.

4. The expiry date of each individual contract.

5. The contract review date.

6. Can you please send me contact details of the individual within the organisation responsible for this contract? Can you please send me two contact one from the fleet management (or equivalent) and the other procurement or purchasing preferably the category manager.

7. If the contract above was awarded within the last six months could you please provide me with the suppliers that where shortlisted?

8. I understand that the FOI Act is for recorded information but if you could be so help please include notes into what the organisation tends to do for future procurements. Extending contract, going to tender etc.

Response 01-10-2013

1. All Moray Council vehicles and plant are purchased outright and maintained in-house other than a small number of spot hires which are purchased via the Scotland XL vehicle & plant hire contract.

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. N/A

8. There are no plans to change from outright purchase and in-house maintenance.

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