FOI Request - Findochty School Maintenance

Request 101000184508

Please provide the following information about Findochty Primary School

1. The cost of building maintenance for 2010, 2011 & 2012.

2. The total projected cost of building maintenance for 2013.

3. Anticipated major maintenance costs in forthcoming years. (e.g. structural repairs / asbestos encapsulation or removals etc.)

4. Details of who current maintenance contracts are held with (e.g. Richard Irvine), or in the absence of contracts, who recent works have been given to the selection process for this.

Response 23-09-2013

1. 2010/11 £9,072, 2011/12 £21,885, 2012/13 £37,401

2. 2013/14 to date £9,345

3. Boilers and distribution pipe work £215,000

4. Tendered service contracts for all schools (eg boilers, electrics) were advertised on Public Contracts Scotland as Procurement Regs. Works under £50K are allocated or tendered to Framework Contractors following advertisement and competitive tender during 2011 and the 4 year contract expires early in 2015

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