FOI Request - School Security

Request 101000184172

This is a Freedom of Information request to ask for the results of the latest internal or external review of school security the council has had.

(1) Can you tell me who conducted the review and which schools it covered.

(2) Then can you provide details of all the security issues highlighted, such as staff not wearing identification badges, auditors not being asked for identification or doors being left open.

(3) If there have been any security breaches at the school in the last five years, can you please provide details of each individual breach, the people involved and the school which was involved.

Response 07-10-2013

(1) The review was carried out by Council and school based staff.  All schools in Moray were reviewed.

(2) The most recent suitability review was completed earlier this year.  The issues raised through this process were perimeter fencing, door access, enhancements to CCTV and reception areas. 

(3) No breaches of security have been reported.

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