FOI Request - Social Work Management

Request 101000184052

Please could you supply me with information on the gender of all of the people in the top three tiers of managements in all of your departments that have responsibility for adults' or children's social work.

This will involve the director of social work, or of children's services or adults’ social services (tier one), the people in the next tier of management who report directly to the director (tier two), who are likely to have the job titles assistant or deputy director, and the people in the rung below that (tier three).

Could you supply the information in the following form:

Department name (e.g. department of social work)
Job title (e.g. Director of adult social services)  
Gender (M or F)

Response 01-10-2013

Please note we are an integrated service and therefore staff have an element of both education and social work responsibilities within their remits.

Department - Education & Social Care

Corporate Director of Edcuation & Social Care - Male
Head of Integrated Children's Services - Female
Head of Community Care - Female
Service Manager (Provider Services) - Male
Service Manager (Assessment & Care) - Female
Service Manager (Commissioning & Performance) - Male
Specialist Services Manager - Male
Consultant Practitioner x 2 - Female
Inclusion Manager (ASN) - Female
Children’s Wellbeing Team Manager - Male
Principal Educational Psychologist - Female
Continuing Support Team Manager - Male
Corporate Parenting and Commissioning Manager - Female
Justice Services - Male

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