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Request 101000183576

I would like to request answers to the following questions – they should be related to the last four financial/academic years (whichever is in the easiest accessible/presentable format) and be broken down for each year.
1. For each year, please provide a list of schools who provide trips to destinations abroad (outside the UK) and, if possible, what level the trips are aimed at i.e three days in Paris for P7 pupils, a week of skiing in Switzerland for S3 pupils, etc)

2. Please provide details of the cost of each trip in each year (this should be the standard rate issued for a trip and not include any optional extras. For example, if an S3 group was taken on a skiing trip to Switzerland the base cost might be £700, but pupils may have the option to alter this in favour of snowboarding for an additional fee of £65 – in these cases, please provide only the base cost [£700])

3. For each year (or if it’s possible, for each TRIP) please provide details on the number of pupils who are eligible to attend each trip and how many actually went – please also provide the total amount of money collected for school trips (again, either for each year or each trip – whichever is most readily/easily accessible/presentable)

Response 07-10-2013

All information can be found here

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