FOI Request - Rock Salt

Request 101000182705

I am doing some research into rock salt used to de-ice the roads in winter and how councils procure and use it.

(1) What type of rock salt do you use? (white/brown, 6mm?)

(2) Does the council use a dry or liquid spreading process?

(3) What requirements or specifications does the Rock Salt need to meet in order to be used by the council?

(4) Who is your current supplier?

(5) What type of contract do you have with the supplier? (annual, tonnage)

(6) Do you ever import salt from abroad?

(7) If yes where do you import the salt from?

(8) Do you always use your full storage capacity?

(9) Would it be possible for me to have a copy of your last contract?

(10) How much rock salt do you order annually?

(11) How much does the council pay per tonne?

Response 16-09-2013

(1) 6mm rock salt.

(2) Dry.

(3) BS 3247.

(4) Salt Sales Co.

(5) We use the national Scotland Excel contract.

(6) No.

(7) N/A

(8) No.

(9) This information is exempt under Section 33 (1b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; Commercial interests (substantial prejudice).

(10) This varies greatly depending on the amount left in stock at the end of the season and severity of the winter.  The average is 18500 tonnes.

(11) The contact includes delivery to various depots and the salt only element of this cost is not identified.

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