FOI Request - Income from Garage Sites Cullen

Request 101000182469

Of the current (as stated on your website) 30 council owned Garage/Garage Sites in Cullen I would to see:

(1) Income generated from the leases in 2012/13

(2) Expenditure to the Council in 2012/13.

(3) Specifically I would like to see how many council tenants and how many non council tenants currently lease garage/garage sites from the Council.

Response 16-09-2013

(1) Income generated 2012/13 from garage and garage site leases in Cullen = £2233.12.

(2) No expenditure in financial year 2012/13.

(3) 61% of current garage and garage site tenants are Non-Council tenants and 39% are Council tenants.

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