FOI Request - Employment Schemes

Request 101000181750

Note: I would like the information in answer to below for every year back to July 2011.

1 –

1a - The number of people carrying out work experience placements in Moray Council who are claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA).

And I would like these numbers for each scheme you are involved in. For example, the schemes involve: Mandatory Work Activity, Job Centre Work Experience Scheme, Sector-Based Work Academies, Work Programme work experience placements (both voluntary and mandatory schemes).

1b – I would like to know the length of a placement on each scheme you are providing placements for (as these can vary greatly in length)

1c – I would like to know the Moray Council departments where each placement was carried out.

1d – I would like to know how many people were given jobs in Moray Council at the end of their placement.

1e – I would like to know any fees paid to Moray Council for hosting these placements.

2 –

I would like the answers to all parts in question 1) again but for people claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), and not JSA as in question 1

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