FOI Request - Income from Fees Charged to Public

Request 101000180698

I would be grateful if you would send me the following information:

(1) Details of all income received by the council from fees charged to the public for council services, excluding rent from housing, broken down by service in each year since 2007/2008

(2) Details of income from housing rent in each year since 2007/2008

(3) A breakdown of fees charged by the council to the public for council services, broken down by service in each year since 2007/2008

(4) Details of what proportion of total council funding comes from charges for council services

(5) A breakdown of council tax charges in each year since 1999/2000 (please note I would like the cost of Council Tax only, excluding water and waste water charges)

Response 09-09-2013

Most of the information you seek is already published within our annual accounts, which are online here.

These give housing rental income and a breakdown of council tax charges.  You will be able to calculate the proportion of funding from charges as the total income and funding from charges is given on the accounts.

The income from charges is broken down by services is available at note 28 in 2012/13 accounts, and this will be at a similar point in other years.

Copies of our accounts further back than those on the web can be retrieved from archives if required.

The FOI as submitted is considered to be a single request, not separate ones as indicated in your letter.

Our formal response is that, as the information sought is already published and accessible, this is an absolute exemption under Section 25 (1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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