FOI Request - Social Worker Vacancy Rates

Request 101000180359

Please note: This request refers only to “qualified social workers”, i.e. practitioners holding a recognised social work qualification and registered with a national regulator such as the Health and Care Professions Council in England. It can include senior/principal social workers, assistant team managers and team managers, as long as they hold their own caseload.

1. The total number of full-time equivalent (FTE) social worker posts in your local authority as of 2 September 2013, including filled and unfilled posts. Figures relating to part-time staff should be rounded up and included within the overall figures for FTE staff. Please do not provide a headcount.

2. The number of vacant FTE social worker posts in your local authority as of 2 September 2013. Vacant posts are defined as ‘unfilled’ posts, i.e. not filled by any member of staff, including agency staff.

3. The number of FTE social worker posts filled by agency staff as of 2 September 2013.

Response 25-09-2013

1. Community Care - 56 FTE

Integrated Children's Services - 58.46 FTE

2. Community Care - Nil vacancies

Integrated Children's Services - 1.6 FTE

3. Community Care - Nil

Integrated Children's Services - Nil

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