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I am contacting all parking providers in the UK in order to obtain information to create a database of parking areas (including Park & Ride) which are, or are not, accessible by drivers of motor caravan. My aim is to provide a resource for the whole country which will enable motor caravan drivers to

a) find appropriate facilities easily,

b) whilst at the same time directing them away from areas where problems might be caused by vehicle size.

I am referring to Motor Caravans: Category M1 vehicles (With Special Bodies): designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat. (2007/46/EC as last amended by 385/2009) with body heights over 2 metres to just over 3 metres, These vehicles range from VW and Fort Transit size vans to Recreational Vehicles (RVs) the size of a large touring coach
They are not trailers (vehicle category O1) or trailer caravans. (vehicle category O2)

We are well aware of caravan site provision, but these vehicles need parking provision for shopping and tourism purposes not just for accommodation.

I have looked on your parking website and cannot find answers to my specific questions.

Particular items of information especially relevant are:

1. Height restrictions. Are there any car parks available that would allow vehicles over 2 m high and 2.5 m wide to enter and their location.

2. Requirements for parking within bay confines (including any requirement for purchasing two parking tickets where the length of a vehicle means that it overhangs a second bay at its rear).

3. Any provision of toilet,

4. Any provision of waste disposal facilities.(such as used by coaches)

5. Any provision of spaces specifically aimed at motorhomes and/or caravans./trailers

6. Is there any ban on trailers using the parking area (category O1 up to 750 kg and O2 up to 3500 kg)

7. Any parking provision for disabled drivers/users in Motorhomes (Blue Badge holders) on or off street .

8. Any provision for (or ban on) overnight parking and whether or not sleeping/eating in the vehicle is allowed

9. Restricted access caused by narrow roads/entrances.

10. Weight Limits. These vehicles range from approx.  1800 kg maximum laden weigh in three groups. 1) up to 3500 kg, 2.) up to 7500 kg and 3.) above 7500 kg to 12000 kg maximum laden weight.

Would it be possible for you to also provide copies of, or links to, your Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) that are currently applicable with relation to the above issues.  Who is responsible for off road traffic enforcement in The Moray Council Area.  I understand from your website that on road is enforced by Traffic Wardens.

Response 23-09-2013

1. All car parks (excluding our 2 multi storey car parks) have no height   restrictions and accesses are a minimum 2.8m.   Multi storey car parks have 2m  height restriction.

2. All vehicles must park within the limits of a marked bay.  However, in Moray there is limited parking for caravan/motor home.  Parking areas available to drivers of motor home vehicles are listed below.  These parking areas are for parking only and prohibit sleeping, camping and cooking.

Lossie Green Car Park Elgin (an open air long stay car park) - 13 lorry bays (suitable for motor home/caravan) (or) should these be full, the next section of the 'car' park has secondary markings (akin to double parking bays).  Lorry bays are free, car parking bays are £1.00 per day.  Where a motorist is occupying two car parking bays they should purchase two parking tickets.  Pay and display is operational Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm.

Keith Lorry Park (an open air car park with no time restrictions) this car park has no marked designated bays and is free.

3. There is no toilet provision under our Car Park Order.

4. The only disposal facilities in our car parks are litter bins.

5. No dedicated parking spaces for motor homes/caravans.  

6. Trailers wishing to use a car park would be restricted to the car parks listed  in (2) above.

7. In off street car parks anyone displaying a valid disabled badge is exempt from car parking charges only if the said disabled person is in the vehicle.

8. No ban on overnight parking but see see (2) above

9. All accesses to surface car parks have a minimum 2.8m width.

10. None

Out car parks are governed by our Car Park Order - a copy of which is attached.

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