FOI Request - Accessibility of Content

Request 101000179947

(1) What level of restriction (if any) is placed by your Authority upon accessibility of content as part of broadband provision in schools?

(2) Do you provide IT services (including access to the internet) directly through your own Department, or your Authority’s IT Department, or is this provided through an out-sourcing contract with a third party?

(3) Is there any public access to the computer equipment in schools and colleges managed by your Authority?

(4) If there is public access, on what basis and with what conditions is it provided?

Response 03-09-2013

(1) We use Websense as an internet filter.  It is category based and it allows our ICT Department to tailor to our needs.  For example, a site that is blocked by a category ie drugs could be opened up if it was an educational drugs website.

(2) These are provided by the Council's ICT Department.

(3) No.

(4) N/A.

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