FOI Request - Motor Caravan Friendly Parking Areas

Request 101000179573

I am contacting all Local Authorities in the UK in order to obtain information to create a database of Motor Caravan, (also commonly known as a Motorhome) friendly parking areas for our members. My aim is to provide a list that would be made available for all our members and enable them to find appropriate facilities easily whilst at the same time directing them away from areas where problems might be caused by vehicle size.

We are not asking for these spaces to be free of charge, just a place with enough room to park a Motorhome, during either the day, and/or overnight. Whilst some authorities have provided a fresh water supply and/or wastewater disposal facilities, many Motorhome users would only require a safe, level parking space reasonably close to the town centre. Parking orders can restrict the numbers and types of vehicle and the maximum stay time.

Response 23-09-2013

Parking areas available to drivers of motor home vehicles are listed below.   These parking areas are for parking only and prohibit sleeping, camping and cooking.

Lossie Green Car Park Elgin (an open air long stay car park) - 13 lorry bays (suitable for motor home/caravan) (or) should these be full, the next section of the 'car' park has secondary markings (akin to double parking bays).   Lorry bays are free, car parking bays are £1.00 per day.   Where a motorist is occupying two car parking bays they should purchase two parking tickets.   Pay and display is operational Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm.

Keith Lorry Park (an open air car park with no time restrictions) this car park has no marked designated bays and is free.

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