FOI Request - Homelessness Applications

Request 101000178778

1.       How many Homelessness Applications have been made since year financial year 2009/2010 through to 2012/2013?  With a breakdown by:

  •    Year
  •   By percentage change (increase/decrease in applications)
  •   The number of applications regarded as ‘priority need’ under the Homelessness (Scotland) Act 2003?

2.       How many Homelessness Applications were successful?

3.       How many applicants are currently waiting to be housed?

4.       The average time that an applicant spends waiting to be housed?

5.       Whether the Local Authority still uses the ‘priority need test’ outlined under the Homelessness (Scotland) Act 2003?

Response 23-09-2013

The total number of homeless applications that have been received since 2009/10 through to 2012/13 is provided below:

Homelessness ApplicationsTotal% ChangeThose in Priority Need

A total of 106 homeless households were waiting to be housed as at 31 August 2013.  The total number of applicants on the full housing list (Homeless List/Waiting List & Transfer List) is 3,679.

The average time that an applicant spends waiting for to be housed is 2.4 years.

The test of priority need was abolished from 31 December 2013.  The Council no longer applies this test to anyone who presents to the Council as homeless.

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