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Request 101000178765

How many external consultants have been employed by the education and social care department since 1st April 2011 and at what cost.  I would like this information broken down individually to each external consultant if there are any, their remit and their costs.

Partial Response 18-09-2013 (Further Information Awaited)

Since 1st April 2011 Community Care have spent the following on external consultants:

1.    Sam Newman OLM, for help in implementing the SDS process i.e. telephone mentoring and an external review of The Moray Council’s progress on Self-Directed Support.  The cost of this work is £ 8k to date.

2.    Institute of Public Care (IPC) for help in creating a Learning Disability Strategy. Cost £6,750k plus VAT and expenses.

 Education information can be found here. (PDF)

Further Response 23-10-2013

Please find attached a document containing details of external consultants used by the Education and Social Care Department, in response to your FOI request. This is in addition to that information provided earlier.

In addition to the attached list there are a number of external providers used by schools for the purpose of additional support needs assessments, paid for from the school’s devolved budget. This is the only group of external consultancies that are not included in our response to your request.

Please note that in order to gather this information from each school we would need to approach all head teachers and collate the data. We estimate that the extra time this operation would take puts the request beyond the 40-hour/£600 limit for FOIs as contained with the Freedom of Information(Scotland)Act 2002, and could exempt the entire request. To avoid this situation we have provided what we can within these limits.

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