FOI Request - Car Leasing Schemes

Request 101000176685

(1) I would like full details of any car leasing scheme which your organisation operates for your employees.

(2) I’d specifically like to establish how many vehicles are currently leased to staff as part of the scheme,  how much the scheme has cost your organisation in each of the last three full financial years and a list of the cars which have been leased in the last three years.  

(3) In addition, please state if your organisation pays any ‘benefit in kind’ tax payments due to HMRC as a result of the leasing arrangements on behalf of your employees. If you do, please state how much  has been paid over the last three full financial years.

Response 19-08-2013

(1) Moray Council does not have a car leasing scheme which we operate for employees.

(2) N/A

(3) N/A

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