FOI Request - Use of Road Roller Machines

Request 101000173554

I would be grateful if you would provide us with all risk assessments in place as at 15 February 2013 relating to the use of road roller machines by Moray Council employees.

Response 28-08-2013

Moray Council's Roads Maintenance Section's Safety Manual is issued to managers, technical and supervisory staff, foremen and certain other individuals as necessary.  Section 3.1.1 of the Manual (copy attached here) describes an Operational Procedure for the Assessment of Risk which includes a 2-stage Risk Assessment process including “Generic Risk Assessments” and “Specific Risk Assessments”.  The Specific Risk Assessments requires site foremen to complete an “on-site safety check” form.

Attached here as requested are the Generic Risk Assessments and the On-Site Safety Check forms in place as of 15th February 2013.  Also attached for reference is Section 3.1.3 of the Safety Manual “General Hazard Listing”.

Generic Risk Assessments 1.1A (General Construction Work), 9.1A (Carriageway Resurfacing) and 9.2A (Patching and Reinstatements) are attached as they are all relevant to the use of road roller machines.  These Generic Risk Assessments advise staff to “Follow established Safe Working Practices”.  This information can be found under Section 4 of the Safety Manual “Safe Systems of Work”.  Section’s 4.2.3 and Section 4.2.4 (copies attached here) provide Safe Systems of Work associated with “Surfacing Works” and “Patching, Reinstatements and Other Minor Works”.  

Also attached here is guidance provided to foreman for the completion of the On-Site Safety Checks along with completed On-Site Safety Checks for a footway resurfacing site on 29th January, 14th and 15th February 2013.   

Moray Council Roads Maintenance Section do not have a risk assessment specific to the use of road roller machines.

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