FOI Request - Early Years Education Grant

Request 101000173255

1) Data relating to the number of children aged 3, 4 and 5 in the Local Authority Area used to calculate nursery placements. This would either be accurate data (from Births/Deaths) or officially recognised estimates - whichever is used by LA to calculate the most recent educational year possible (e.g. Aug 2012 - Jun 2013 or prior year if data not available).

2a) Number of nursery placements at Council-run establishments available for the same period as request 1.

2b) Number of nursery placements purchased by the council at Partnership Nurseries for the same period as request 1.

3) Generic information of the terms agreed between the Local Authority and Partnership nurseries. The main expectation is to obtain the annual funding per child but may also include targets, expectations, funding per child, methods of funding calculation. Note: This is not a request for details of specific contracts between the Local Authority and nurseries, but a request to understand how the council agrees to the Partnership nursery programme.

Response 19-08-2013

1) The number of children aged 3, 4 and 5 in the Moray Council area, as per birth records, in 2012/13 was:

Age range 2-3 – 950

Age range 3-4 – 997

Age range 4-5 – 1021

2a) There were 798 children in funded pre-school education places at Council nurseries during 2012/13.

b) There were 1210 children in funded pre-school education places at partner pre-school providers during 2012/13.

3) The generic terms in the contract between the Moray Council and partner pre-school provider’s state:

  • the minimum and maximum sessions of funded pre-school education per week
  • the minimum and maximum number of weeks in the contract period
  • the maximum number of funded pre-school hours per day
  • the requirement for a partner centre to provide services as described in their Profile of Educational Provision
  • the sum payable per child per pre-school education session
  • the scheduled payment dates
  • that funding will only be released when relevant information has been supplied by the specified deadline dates

The method of calculating funding is determined by an annual amount allocated per child per year based on the available budget.  This amount is then divided by the number of pre-school sessions, giving the amount payable per session.

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