FOI Request - Road Signs

Request 101000173141

1. Is the Council aware that the Traffic Signs Manual strongly recommends that all warning and regulatory signs displaying height, width and length restrictions should show the restriction dimensions in metres as well as imperial units?

2. At which locations (if any) on the authority's road network does height, width or length signage remain which does not meet the recommendations of the Traffic Signs Manual to include dimensions in metres?

3. What plans does the Council have to bring its height, width and length signage into conformity with the guidance within the Traffic Signs Manual?

Response 28-08-2013 

1. Yes.

2. There are a number of locations although these are not listed or recorded.

3. When maintenance is undertaken on sites which have signage which could include metres and imperial units, new signs are ordered to comply with The Traffic Signs (Amendment)(No.2) Regulations and General Directions 2011.

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