FOI Request - Breached Community Payback Orders

Request 101000171698

(1) The number of breached Community Payback Orders, since their introduction, broken down by financial year.

(2) The number of Community Payback Orders involving unpaid work, since their introduction, broken down by a) financial year b) the type of work performed.

Response 07-08-2013

(1) Our first collected data for CPO (fig includes Orders with and without unpaid work) is for financial year 2011/2012. For this financial year we recorded 52 Breach Applications.  The figures for 2012/2013 have not been produced owing to delays in processing the new CPO unit return-I understand this is a national delay and that the figures should be available in August/ September.

(2) As above we only have figures for financial year 2011/2012.  For 2011/12 we had 153 CPO's with unpaid work.

We are unable to provide a breakdown of CPOs by the type of work completed.  However, some examples of squad work include: gardening, grass cutting, ground clearing, snow clearing, woodcutting, repair work, litter clearance, bench making, furniture removal, painting and decorating or carpentry. ‘Individual placements’ might be in charitable organisations, recycling projects/environmental projects.

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