FOI Request - Money Paid to Trade Unions

Request 101000171607

1.  A list of trade unions which received payments from your organisation and the total amounts paid to each union for financial years a) 2011-12 and b) 2012-13. If it is not possible to list the amount paid to each union, please provide a total amount paid to all unions. Please do not include membership dues or salary costs. Please only include direct payments.

2. Please state:
a) Which trade unions your organisation provide staff time to work on trade union duties and / or activities (sometimes called ‘Trade Union facility time’) in i) 2011-12 and ii) 2012-13.

b) The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff that were provided for each trade union in i) 2011-12 and ii) 2012-13. For example, if a member of staff spends 2 days per week on union business, this is equal to 0.4 FTE.

3a) Does your organisation provide the facility to deduct trade union subscriptions from staff salaries in the payroll process?

b) If so, for each union please state what your organisation charged for this service (whether as a fixed amount per employee or a percentage), and the total amount collected in:
i) 2011-12

ii) 2012-13

Response 07-08-2013

1. Moray Council do not make any direct payments to Trade Unions.

2. A number of nominated trade union officials are afforded appropriate time off to attend to trade union duties in accordance with legislation to this effect. No record of the time actually spent on trade union activity is kept by the Council due to the legislative requirement to afford reasonable time off.

3a) Yes,

b) GMB - 2.5%

UNISON - 2.5%

UNITE - 2.5%

UCATT - 5.0%

i) £4,482.29

ii) £4,536.97

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