FOI Request - Cyber Bullying

Request 101000170315

How many instances of cyber bullying (bullying through use of email, text message, computers and social networking) have been reported in schools in your area in the past three years.

Can this please be broken down by i) year and ii) what actions were taken on how many occasions. (For example: 3 expulsions, 2 suspensions, 5 verbal warnings)

I do not require this to be broken down by individual school.

Response 26-07-2013

We do not maintain a record of cyber bullying incidents centrally. The schools hold reports of any incidents in each child's PPR (Pupil's Personal Record). As they do not hold an overview, they would have to go into each child's PPR to get this information.  We estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the cost of £600.00 which is the limit specified by the Scottish Ministers in Scottish Statutory Instruments, 2004 numbers 376 and 467. If the cost of complying with a request is higher than £600.00 we do not have to supply the information under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Excessive Cost of Compliance.

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