FOI Request - Take Note

Request 101000169823

(1) Are your Authority aware of Take Note and the work it does?

(2) What contact has your Authority had with Take Note since its commencement in November 2010?

(3) What efforts are in place to promote to parents and carers to sources of support, such as Take Note or Enquire?

(4) What information is included in letters from your Authority informing parents of their right to challenge a decision? (e.g. naming services, contact telephone numbers etc.)

(5) Are any other efforts made to signpost parents to Take Note?

(6) Do you have a standardised process in place for mediation and negotiation prior to escalation to the ASNTfS?

(7) Does your Authority make any targeted efforts to ensure looked after and accommodated children and young people are not disadvantaged in the process of ASN provision? (e.g. additional promotion of the right to challenge a decision to foster carers)

(8) Do you have any further comments you would like to add with regards to Take Note?

Response 30-07-2013

(1) No, until you had made contact no-one in central services had been involved with this service. It could be that individual schools might be aware of the service but that information would not have been issued centrally. Perhaps it is worth noting that Barnardo’s has had a relatively low profile in Moray to date.

(2) None.

(3) Since 2004, when significant development work was completed around the ASfL Act,  Enquire has been signposted to parents and for immediate local contact Children 1st is contracted to provide a mediation service.

(4) A range of pro-forma letters or leaflets (where appropriate) contain local authority and Children 1st named contacts and their details. These contact people will then offer further information as required.

(5) No.

(6) The process is not ‘standardised’ due to the low incidence of involvement with the Tribunal. Mediation only is covered by Children 1st.

(7) We have a needs led distribution of ASN support where every child’s needs are applied for individually. It is then possible to cross reference children who are in both categories. The authority has just appointed a teacher for L.A.C. who will provide additional focus for this group of pupils. There is education representation on the Additional Resource Management /Placement Services Group which supports children whose needs are greater than those noted through usual ASfL allocations.

(8) I would be very interested in the process used by Barnardo’s in 2010 to alert authorities to this service.  

I would also be interested in whether or not local support was available in Moray at that time.

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