FOI Request - HR & Payroll Solution

Request 101000169581

I am applying under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act for the following information about your current HR and Payroll solution or service.

Please can you provide information for the below:

1.The name of your current HR/Payroll software solution and provider. (If this is outsourced provide the name of the outsourcing  provider.)

2.The date that the contract was signed with your HR/Payroll provider.

3.The length of the current contract term for both HR and Payroll.

4.The value of the current contract.

5.The date that the HR and Payroll contracts are due to be renewed.

6.How many employees are there in your organisation?

Response 26-07-2013

1. SumTotal Systems UK Ltd - Solution Series 6.1

2. 15/9/11

3. To 28/2/17

4. £435,211

5. See above.

6. Total number of council employees (full-time equivalent)

2009-10 - 3503

2010-11 - 3487

2011-12 - 3489

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