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I am very interested and a big fan of the idea of self-directed support in Scotland.

(1) Can I ask what are you doing to support this positive new initiative?

(2) Who is your SDS lead and what are their contact details?

(3) I hear that Glasgow have a citizen portal to provide citizens with the information they need online, are there any plans to invest in something similar to support your social work?

Response 06-08-2013

(1) We have developed a self assessment, questionnaire, Resource Allocation System and support plan and are piloting Self Directed Support ahead of the new Act.  We now have over 100 service users, from across all client groups and with varying personal outcomes in our pilot.  New policies, procedures have been developed.  To assist with this we involved service users and staff.  We had two groups - service users group and staff group.  The service user group were involved in developing leaflets, communication plans, questionnaire, support plans and presenting ideas on how to take forward SDS.  The remit of the staff group was to take "on board" the ideas and comments of our service users and develop a plan to embed SDS in our council. 

The SDS steering group sits once per month and that includes workers from across the council - Head of Community Care, SDS Manager and staff, finance, commissioning, training, accountancy, as well as our providers.  The steering group is responsible for the overall development of SDS in Moray.   

Work is being undertaken to introduce Individual Service Funds (ISF) in Moray.  A pilot project has begun with a provider to move from block contract to implementing Individual Service Funds for service users of a respite facility. 

We volunteered and have been selected by The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) to research and design a blueprint – access to Self Directed Support for people with mental health problems. This involves service users, providers and staff and is proving to be very successful. 

(2) The Service Manager is Joyce Lorimer e-mail  Tel 01343 567131

Self Directed Support Workers - Moira Gordon 01343 567096   Michelle Fleming 01343 567080

(3) We are always interested in different ways to provide our citizens with information regarding SDS and recognise the internet is a valuable tool.  We have not looked at the Glasgow Citizen Portal but are developing our own portal system.

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