Employer Recruitment Incentive

A range of financial support is available to Scottish businesses who want to recruit young people. The new incentive supports more young people with additional support needs into employment, with an aim to reduce youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive 2018/2019

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An Employer who commits to employ a young person for up to 52 weeks, could be eligible to receive up to £4000

Scotland’s Employer Recruitment Incentive is an employer recruitment incentive which continues to deliver the Scottish Government’s (SGs) commitment to target support at unemployed young people aged 16-29 with the greatest barriers to employment, to enable them to obtain and remain in sustainable employment (including Modern Apprenticeships). The Incentive has been developed to integrate and link fully with the SG’s existing employability and skills programme

The Funding

Where an Employer commits to a new job or new modern apprenticeship for up to 52 weeks, it will receive up to £4000.

If the Employer pays the young person the living wage there will be an additional payment of £500.

The payment schedule will involve:

  • 15% at 4 weeks (£600) – No payment for less than 4 weeks.
  • 35% at 13 weeks (£1,400) – No pro-rata payment between 4-13 weeks.
  • 50% at 52 weeks (£2,000) – No pro-rata payment between 13-52 weeks
  • An Additional payment of £500 will be awarded to the employer if participant is paid the living wage. This will be paid on completion at the end of the 52 weeks.

Eligible Employers 

  • A private business or a third sector organisation of any size
  • Small and micro businesses, employing not more than 50 people will not be able to recruit more than 2 participants through this programme; however, on a case by case basis, the Local Authority can decide to waive this rule if the business can demonstrate that it can support more than 2 participants.
  • There is no restriction on the number of participants an Employer, employing over 50 people can support through the incentive if capacity to do so is demonstrated.
  • Employers are only eligible to apply for this ERI once per participant through this programme.
  • Public Sector employers are not eligible to apply

Eligible Young Person

From 1 April 2016, SERI will have a sharper focus of supporting young people with the greatest barriers to employment. Young people aged 16-29 years (inclusive) who fall within one or more of the following groups will be eligible for SERI support:-

  • person with a disability or long-term health condition;
  • care experienced young people;
  • carer;
  • person with a conviction (including CPO’s);
  • military early service leavers (up to 6 years);
  • long-term unemployed (6 months or over) who are not on the Work Programme or Community Work Placements;
  • person who has failed their ESA Work Capability Assessment;
  • Work Programme completers who remain unemployed;
  • ethnic minority groups;
  • Gypsy/travelling community;
  • partner of current or ex-Armed Forces personnel;
  • person requiring support with language, literacy or numeracy, including those for whom English is an additional language;
  • lone parent;
  • person with lower than SCQF Level 5 qualification;
  • a young person who was receiving additional support for learning in school;
  • refugee or other granted leave to stay in the UK;
  • homeless person (including temporary or unstable accommodation);
  • Person affected by substance misuse.


For further information and an application form please contact:

Alan Weaver
Tel: 01343563866
Mob: 07779999207
Email: alan.weaver@moray.gov.uk

Please Note: Advice and support can be provided to help you to complete the documents required.

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