FOI Request - Employees Working on Trade Union Business

Request 101000167265

During the last financial year (2012-13):

(1) The number of council-paid employees working full- or part-time on trade union business.

(2) The total salary bill for these employees

(3) The estimated annual cost of any other resources used by council officials working full- or part-time on trade union business (office space, telephone etc.).

Response 26-07-2013

A number of nominated trade union officials are afforded appropriate time off to attend to trade union duties in accordance with legislation to this effect. No record of the time actually spent on trade union activity is kept by the Council due to the legislative requirement to afford reasonable time off.  

In addition to this, allocated time off has been provided during this period to the Branch Secretary of the EIS (3/4 days per week). The backfill costs of this “secondment” is estimated at £30,000. 

There is no information kept in relation to the cost of other resources, this is therefore exempt under Section 17 (1b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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