FOI Request - Bookmakers

Request 101000166862

(1) Do you have any guidelines covering the approval of licences for bookmakers and what criteria must be met before a license is granted?

(2)  How many licences for bookmakers have you handed out in the past 5 years, broken down by year?

(3) What opening hours do you permit under a bookmakers’ licence and have these been extended in recent years? Specifically, what is the earliest and the latest time that a bookmakers can be open from / until?

Response 15-07-2013

(1) The premises licence is for betting premises. We have a statement of licensing policy published in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005 available here

There is also information on the website.

(2) There is a register of premises licences available here

Betting premises are identified by the abbreviation "BET" within the licence number. The only such licence issued in the last 5 years is the William Hill licence in Elgin in 2008.

(3) There is a default condition attaching to betting premises licences as follows:

"No facilities for gambling shall be provided on the premises between the hours of 10.00pm on one day and 7.00am on the next day."

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