FOI Request - Drivers with Criminal Convictions

Request 101000165913

I would like to request answers to the following questions – they should be relevant to the last four calendar years and be broken down for each year.

When I refer to ‘drivers’ I mean anyone who operates taxis and/or private hire cars – answers should distinguish between the two where necessary.

1. How many drivers were in receipt of a license in each year and how many of these had a criminal conviction(s) – please specify the nature of conviction(s).

2. How many drivers were refused a license because of their convictions – please specify the nature of the conviction that stopped them achieving a license.

3. How many drivers received a conviction while already in receipt of a license? – what was the conviction and what was the outcome? i.e was their license revoked or were they allowed to continue operating (if so, why?)

4. How many drivers are male and how many are female?

5. Please give details of any formal complaints that have been lodged against drivers.

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