FOI Request - Fire Alarm Systems

Request 101000164814

1. Who is the person and or persons responsible for premises within your organisation as defined under the Fire Safety Order?  (Please provide contact details of the “responsible person or persons”)

2. Who is the person responsible for procuring the services of competent Fire Alarm system installation and service providers within your organisation?

3. What is the total number of premises in your property portfolio/ estate with Fire Alarm Systems fitted?

4.  What Fire Alarm panels / systems are predominantly in use across all your buildings (make and model)?

5.  Which Fire Alarm companies are currently maintaining your Fire Alarm systems and where are these Fire Alarms signalling too upon activation?

6. How many False Alarms do you suffer on average in a month across all your buildings and what is the average estimated cost associated with attending to each false alarm activation?

7.  Are you taking all reasonable steps to ensure that your Fire Alarm Systems are checked/ tested on a regular basis as required and how are you recording these checks?  

8. Are you taking all reasonable steps to ensure that your Fire Alarm Systems are maintained and serviced correctly?

9. How do you verify / validate that your Fire Alarm systems have been tested, serviced and maintained correctly?

10.  Are you aware that there is a simple non intrusive low cost add on device that can be fitted to each of your Fire Alarm panels by any competent Fire Alarm company, that will provide you with instant access to all your Fire Alarm System / Panel data such as weekly tests, service inspections, individual device activations, Fire Alarm verification and False Alarm management via any PC, tablet or Smartphone with WEB access?

11.  Would you consider such device / solution to compliment your management procedures for complying with the Fire Safety Order whilst at the same time helping reduce your false alarms and operating costs?

12.  As you can see from the above, it is now possible for you to monitor all you’re Fire Alarm system online and in real time using low cost proven technology currently available on the market that pays for itself by reducing your ongoing costs. With this in mind, would you like one of our senior consultants to contact you and arrange an appointment to meet with you and discuss how we can assist you in enhancing your management procedures by deploying a compliance monitoring system for your Fire Alarm systems?

Response 08-07-2013

1. Roddy Burns, Chief Executive Telephone: (01343) 563001.

2. Eddie Milne, Property Resources Manager Telephone: (01343) 563708.

3. 98 properties.

4. Morley – various models.

5. Scotshield and Southern Monitoring.

6. Nil.

7. Yes, recorded on servicing records.

8. Yes.

9. Random ad-hoc checks and Building Managers confirmation if systems are not functioning efficiently.

10. No.

11. Possibly – budget dependant.

12. Due to constraints and current workload, I would be unable to meet one of your Consultants, but would be pleased to receive information on your product noted (contact – Services Inspection Engineer

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