FOI Request - Credits & Credits Written Off

Request 101000164811

Please can you provide a list of remaining credits and also credits that have been written off by your Authority in respect of Business Rates as at 01/01/2013 for companies for 3 years.

Response 26-07-2013

I can confirm that Non-Domestic Rate accounts which are in credit following an adjustment or an overpayment are routinely dealt with as part of the daily duties of the Council's Revenues staff.

Credits are quickly refunded and this ensures that credit balances do not remain on accounts.  The only exception to this occurs when staff are dealing with a dispute on an account or are awaiting information to the issue of the refund cheque to the appropriate payee. In each case this may delay the issue of a refund-cheque.

Some cheques are not cashed within the six-month period and in such circumstances, such a cheque will be cancelled and this will result in the rates account again becoming overpaid.

I can, therefore, confirm there are no long-term overpaid balances on Non-Domestic Rates accounts other than those which we currently unable to refund due to one of the factors that I have already identified.

I can also confirm that, in the last three year period, no credit balances of more that 99 pence have been written off.

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