FOI Request - Older People's Social Care

Request 101000164038

1) For the current financial year, what is the threshold band at which older people become eligible for social care?

2) For each year for the previous four years, what has been the threshold category at which older people became eligible for social care?

Response 08-07-2013

When setting its Eligibility Criteria, the Moray Council has discretion, taking into account its resources, to decide which bands of need will be met. In common with most Local Authorities, The Moray Council has decided it should fund services to meet needs where the risk to independence or other consequences fall into the critical or substantial band.

The Moray Council will consider those needs that are identified as lower or moderate and may meet these if it is agreed this will prevent further deterioration.

These needs will be met on a discretionary basis and the availability of resources will be taken into account in making the decision about provision of services to meet those needs.

This has been the situation since 2009. This is the situation for all community care services.

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